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I have a new easel!

I use slow drying paint so I like to have 3 or 4 different paintings on the go. At present, I have a few desk top easles scattered around which is great until I want to use my desks for other purposes such as making coasters or sketching. I have a couple of wobbly telescopic easels and also a wonderful box easel with a broken leg. One of the commissions that I am currently working on is a 1.5x1.2m canvas and I have been rather restricted with where to paint this beauty. Propped on my living radiator is the current solution however I feel my husband would like the living back and it would also be nice to be turn the radiator on now that the evenings are drawing in.

So, for my Birthday, my wonderful husband brought me a whopper of an easel, it's lovely and sturdy so no more having to hold my canvasses still whilst I paint! It has fully functioning legs and best of all it comfortably holds my giant easel. Another feature that I love, is that the canvas can be tilted to be horizontal, I have been experimenting with different splatter techniques so can't wait to try this feature out.

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