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Finally ready for The Village Gallery

Ok, so today's the day I need to take my paintings to the new gallery in the village. But, I have a few challenges ahead of me: 2 of my paintings are still a little wet; I need to attach picture wire to reverse of my new paintings; I'm short of D-Rings and oh, my car is still in the garage being fixed.

On Tuesday, I thought I was being extra clever ordering extra D-Rings and picture wire in anticipation of my car not being ready in time, but no! It would only have been clever if I'd actually "checked out" and not left them sitting in my online shopping cart. I didn't discover my flaw until Thursday so I placed a quick overnight order with the faint glimour of hope that these will arrive in the morning.

Now, what to do with the wet paintings? I'm ashamed to say that my hairdryer made an appearance this morning, not something I've ever done before but it seemed to help using the cool setting.

Lunchtime came and went and still no sign of the D-Rings (or car) - neighbours to the rescue!

One of them took me to Homebase for my emergency D-RIngs. I now faced another conundrum: how to fix the picture wire and D-Rings to the not quite dry paintings without lying them flat on the floor? I rose to the challenge with the aid of my easel clamp and a very sturdy hand, always pleased to acquire new skills. :-)

My other kind neighbour took me and ALL my paintings to the gallery, I was still slightly nervous with the "almost dry" paintings so these stayed on my lap for the duration of my journey.

The gallery is looking great, situated in the village of Walton-On-The Hill and features the artwork of very talented local artists. I can't wait to see them on the walls tomorrow whilst enjoying a glass of champagne at the launch.

Thank goodness for great neighbours and sheer determination.

Village Gallery, 16 Walton Street, Walton On The Hill.

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