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Stall displays

One of the biggest challenges that I face is how to display my artwork. I attend a wide variety of stalls ranging from outside 3m pitches to a single table inside. Do I make my gazebos warm and inviting so that people can walk in and have a look round or will this intimidate the general public with the fear of having to talk to a stall holder! Another option display my work around the edges so that people can have a glance from a safe distance without the dreaded chat and obligation. But, then what if it rains? Will the wind knock my desktop easels over? Will fastpaced mums knock my tables with their buggies?

Some of my paintings are quite large and to maximise exposure, I need to use height especially with the indoor events where space is at a premium. This however leads to additional challenges as when not being chauffered around by my husband, I drive a KA and fancy stall market display equipment just isn't going to fit. I am no

w off on the hunt for an ingenius, eyecatching, showstopping way to display my paintings and prints in a way that will also squeeze into my car. Wish me luck!


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