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The votes are in. Here's the winners!

Hello again,

It's that time of year again when I deliberate over which paintings to put forward into my annual calendar, usually I have a new bunch of paintings to choose from covering all the seasons.

This year however has been a little trickier, the arrival of baby Amber last October has meant considerably fewer paintings on the easel. I have had to dig deep into the archives to see which paintings have not previously featured in my calendar collection. To my surprise I found 16 previously unfeatured contenders.

As my decision making skills are appalling, I decided to let my Facebook followers make the decision for the final 12 and these are the chosen ones.

There will also be a change to the format of this years calendar, again I put this out to a public vote and the decision was to go with an A4 calendar, smaller than the previous years A3. This does mean that I am able to offer this at an affordable price tag of £8.

There will be a smaller print run this year and I'll need to know how many to order so please pop over to pre-order yours in the link below (I'll be sending them sent out in November).

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