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Every child is an Artist

I love art In so many different ways. I love how you can create something from nothing with a few brushstrokes. I love how you can capture a moment with your own personality. I especially love how art excites children and how it can bring out their creative personalities.

I was thrilled to hear that Muschamp Primary School in Carshalton, Surrey have been holding a school wide art competition. They have been exploring different styles of art using the theme of Autumn.

I was also delighted that they had used one of my Autumn Tree paintings as an example.

Every child in the school has painted an autumn picture which will be displayed at the school. The parents will be invited to view their work and are also given the opportunity to purchase the paintings.

The year 6 group have looked at how an impressionist would paint and I have been lucky enough to have been sent a selection of their work. I'm sure you'll agree that they are all fabulous and they all should all be very proud of what they have produced.

Mr Keefe painted a version of my autumn tree and I am slightly concerned with the competition - watch out for replicates circulating!

Each class has voted for their favourite paintings and the winners of year 6 are Farah, Sophie and Angelita - well done! Each class winner will now reproduce their stunning work onto larger canvas, to be displayed to the public in Sutton Library.

The children are all so excited and I would love it if you could show your support to both the school and children by paying a visit to the art show at Sutton Library. You can view this from Thursday 12th October to Thursday 30th October.

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